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Since our establishment in 2008 we aim to produce high quality pesticides to serve worldwide agriculture to help global farmers to fight against weeds insects and fungus to increase agricultural output So far we have been exporting to more than 50 countries in Middle East Africa and Latin America In 2017 we won the award of TOP 50 Agrochemical Exporters by China Crop Protection Industry Association and we re the Recommended Supplier by CCPIT China Council for the Promotion of International Trade The factory passed ISO 90001 Certification which guarantees that all of our products are in full accordance with highest standard With advanced technology and facilities we manufacture more than 20...

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Organic Solvent

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99.9% IPAISOPHORONE( 58628791CAS 67-63-0Acetic AcidMea SolventFe EDDHA 6%Cas 96-47-9Cas 75 05 8Mek SolventCAS 75-09-2Cas 80-62-6CAS 108-91-8EDTA 4NA 99%DDVP 100% TCAcetonitrileCAS 108-31-6Cas 124-04-9Cas 108-94-1C4H7NO C4H7NOMixed SolventSuccinic Acid7646-85-7 98%Atonik 98% TCGlycolic Acid98% TC ATONIKDDVP For SaleThiram 20% SCNAA 98%TC PGRCas No 78-59-1Atrazine 50 WpHEMA HEMA HEMADicamba 98% TCDicamba 48% SL2 4d HerbicideCas No 64-19-7CAS NO 62-56-6PA Cas 85-44-9Mancozeb 80 WpMancozeb 75 WpAmine SolventsCAS NO 57-55-6CAS NO 62-53-3Phenol Solvent2-METHF) 99.5%CAS NO 85-44-9Carboxin Wp EcCAS 25190-06-1CAS 86-87-3 NAACarboxin 97% TCAtrazine 22% SCOrganic SolventCAS No 108-10-1Lufenuron 5% SCFORMIC ACID 85%CAS NO 544-17-2CAS NO 763-69-9Imazalil 50% ECCAS NO 108-91-8Alcohol SolventImazalil 20% EWNAA CAS 86-87-3DCM CAS 75-09-2Carboxin 20% WPCarboxin 20% SCGAA Cas 64-19-74% SC FungicideCAS No 107-21-1Ketone SolventsCarboxin 20% ECCAS No 123-54-6CAS No 106-89-8Calcium FormateBest FertilizerDdvp 1000g/L ECThiram 37.5% WPCarbaryl 85% WPCas No 123-86-4CAS NO 124-17-4Atrazine 50% SCAtrazine 97% TC2 4 D 720G/L SlMethomyl 95% TCMancozeb 80% WPMancozeb 90% TCDEP CAS 84-66-2CAS NO 584-84-9Carbaryl 99% TCDiazinon 97% TC2-PyrrolidinoneBPO CAS 94-36-0Methomyl 90% SpMethomyl 97% TCFenthion 95% TCCAS NO 140-11-499% TC CarbarylCarboxin 25% SLEthephon 48% SLCAS No 144-62-72 4 D HerbicideCAS No 616-38-6CAS NO 108-65-6Ethephon 40% ASEthephon 90% TCCas No 111-15-9Diazinon 60% ECPhosphoric AcidEthephon 85% TCDiquat 200g L SLDdvp InsecticideThiram FungicideGA3 plant growthGibberellic AcidClethodim 24% EC48% SL BentazonePolyether PolyolClethodim 95% TCClethodim 94% TCGa3 Tablet 90%TCButachlor 95% TCDiquat 150g L SLMEG CAS 107-21-1THF Cas 109-99-9Metalaxyl 25% WPAcetate Solvents2.4-D Amine SaltBest InsecticideBenzoyl PeroxideThidiazuron DropFipronil 80% WDGBentazone 98% TCMaleic AnhydrideLufenuron 25% WPCAS 139-33-3 99%Bentazone 48% SLBentazone 97% TCVAM CAS 108-05-4Best Weed KillerPrometryn 97% TCCAS No.: 94-36-0Metalaxyl 25% SCPrometryn 50% WPMetalaxyl 97% TCPropylene GlycolAbamectin 1.8 ECENS No 201-607-5ECH CAS 106-89-8CAS 109-99-9 THFDOA CAS 103-23-1CAS NO 2687-91-4Glyphosate 95% TC2 4-d Sodium SaltCAS No 67233-85-6Profenofos 50% ECTriazophos 40% ECTriazophos 80% TCTriazophos 36% ECChloride SolventsEDTA Acid 60-00-4Buprofezin 98% TCCas No 25265-77-4Diethyl PhthalateTriazophos 85% TCCyromazine 75% WPCyromazine 98% TCGrowth RegulatorsCAS NO 68603-42-9Cas No 68603 42 9Dicamba 480g/l SLAtrazine for SaleUniconazole 5% WPAdipic Acid 99.5%Cas No 26062-94-2Indoxacarb 15% SCIsopropyl AcetateIndoxacarb 95% TCCAS NO 31565-19-2Dimethoate 98% TCBuprofezin 25% SCImazalil 97% TechCAS NO 53306-54-0Flutriafol 50% WpAbamectin 3.6% ECGlyphosate 480 SlCarboxin 37.5% WPMC Cas No 75-09-2Profenofos 10% EC50% EC ProfenofosProfenofos 90% TCMPO CAS 2163-42-0Dimethoate 40% ECPOP CAC 9003-11-6Abamectin 1.8% ECIndoxacarb 16% SCMetaldehyde 6% GRCymoxanil 30% WDGGlyphosate 48% SlCas No 13235-36-4CAS No 68585-34-26% GR MetaldehydeBTAC CAS 123-86-4Thidiazuron 50 WpDichlorvos 50% ECDichlorvos 98% TCSles 70% Sles 70%Zinc Chloride 98%Flutriafol 95% TCGlyphosate 41% SlThiamethoxam 75 WGTrichlorfon 80% WPTrichlorfon 90% TCMetaldehyde 99% TCAcetamiprid 97% TCDeltamethrin 5% WPCas No. 68439-51-0Trichlorfon 95% TCAbamectin 95% TechImidacloprid 70 WS99% TC MetaldehydeCDEA Foaming AgentLow Price AtrazineNiclosamide 99% TCCarbendazim 50% WpThiacloprid 24% SCCarbendazim 50% SCThiacloprid 95% TCThiacloprid 48% SCMAA C4H6O2 79-41-4Hot Sale ButachlorNiclosamide 70% WP5% EC Cypermethrin99% TC NiclosamideTriadimenol 97% TCNicosulfuron 4% SCTriadimenol 15% WPPhthalic AnhydrideEthephon 400g/L SLEthephon 300g/L SLUniconazole 95% TCFungicide MancozebMethylene ChlorideWeed Killer DiquatGlyphosate 41& IPA10% WP HexythiazoxThidiazuron 95% TCThidiazuron 98% TCHexythiazox 10% WPOrganic FertilizerAcetamiprid 20% SPISO PROPYL ALCOHOLChlorfenapyr 8% SCDimethyl CarbonatePGR Ethephon PriceBuprofezin 70% WDGEthephon 480g/l SLHaloxyfop-P-methyl98% TC HexythiazoxBrodifacoum PowderHexythiazox 98% TCMancozeb 800g Kg WPPaclobutrazol 15 WpMancozeb 80wp PriceClethodim 240g/L ECAniline Cas 62-53-3Thiamethoxam 95% TCSHMP 68% Food GradeBentazone 480g/l SLThiamethoxam 30% SCCyproconazole 4% FSThiamethoxam 25 WDGDCM 99.9% DCM 99.9%Cypermethrin 25% ECMethidathion 25% WPPOP EC-NO 618-355-0SLES 70% 68585-34-2Mosquito Knock DownMF CH2Cl2 MF CH2Cl2Thiamethoxam 30% FSDioctyl Adipate DOADiniconazole 95% TCThiamethoxam 25% WGMethidathion 96% TCAzoxystrobin 11% FSAcetamiprid 70% WdgButachlor 600g/L ECFumaric Acid 99%MinFe EDDHA 6% Organic95% TC DiniconazoleFORMIC ACID 64-18-6Cypermethrin 10% EcPyriproxyfen 97% TCEDDHA Fe 6% OrganicPyriproxyfen 10% EcSodium Ferric EDDHAProfenofos 90% TechImidacloprid 20% SLAgrochemicals Types90% Tech ProfenofosTebuconazole 12% FSSelective HerbicideGlacial Acetic AcidMethyl MethacrylateCalcium Formate 98%Herbicides AtrazineDeltamethrine 98% TCAcetamiprid 97% TechDimethoate 400g/l ECMono Ethylene GlycolDeltamethrin 2.5% EC8% EC DiphenylsulfonChemical FertilizersFlutriafol FungicideMMA EC-No. 201-297-1Meperfluthrin 95% TCPTMEG CAS 25190-06-1Methacrylic Acid MAAInsecticide 50g/l ECFamoxadone 22.5% WDGN-Butyl Acetate BTACThiamethoxam 75% WDGFenpyroximate 98% TCBenzoic Acid 65-85-095% Tc EpoxiconazoleMeperfluthrin 96% TCEpoxiconazole 95% TCThiacloprid for SaleHot Sale ThidiazuronIsopropyl Alcoho IPAGibberellic Acid 90%4-Methyl-2-pentanoneSXS 93%MIN 1300-72-7Paclobutrazol 95% TCPaclobutrazol 10% WPThidiazuron for SaleGibberellic Acid Ga3Paclobutrazol 25% EC98% TC FenpyroximateGlyphosate 480g/L Sl20% SC FenpyroximatePrometryn 500 G/l ScDiphenylsulfon 8% ECNicosulfuron 75% WDGCarboxin 75%wp PowderDeltamethrine 2.5% WPMolecular Weight 3000Aniline 99.9% AnilineDiethyl Phthalate DEPCarboxin Powder PriceAgriculture PesticideImidacloprid 95% TechEINECS No.: 202-327-6Butachlor 95%TC Price95% TC DiphenylsulfonN-Ethyl-2-pyrrolidoneOrganic AgrochemicalsPolyether Polyol 5631Maleic Anhydride (MA)Vinyl Acetate MonomerNicosulfuron 40g/L SCEthephon White PowderCyromazine Good PriceCarboxin Thiram PriceIsopropyl Alcohol IPAPGR Thidiazuron 98%TCIPA 99.9% CAS 67-63-0Agrochemical ProductsImazalil White PowderInsecticide AbamectinDiphenylsulfon 95% TCTriadimenol 250g/L ECPlant Growth PromoterDeltamethrin 50g/L ECAgriculture FungicideGibberellic Acid 90TCMethylene Chloride MCFumaric Acid 110-17-850wp Thidiazuron DropChlorfluazuron 48% SC2.5% Ec DeltamethrineGlycolic Acid 79-14-1Chlorfluazuron 95% TC98%TC Kresoxim MethylHigh Quality DiazinonHerbicide Weed KillerDDVP Dichlorvos 50%ECEDDHA Fe 6% Top GradeEthyl Acetate SolventKresoxim Methyl 10%SCThidiazuron 50%WP PGRFipronil Powder PriceDeltamethrine 2.5% EcFipronil Powder 98%TCKresoxim Methyl 98%TCDiniconazole 12.5% WPEthyl Acetate 112-15-2Agrochemical HerbicidePlant Growth RegulatorCopper Oxychloride 50%Kresoxim Methyl 80%WDGChemical Formula C2H3NAgrochemical FungicideKresoxim Methyl 50%WDGEDDHA Fe 6% Red PowderThidiazuron TDZ PowderCyhalofop-butyl 97% TCTertiary Butyl AcetateDimethoate 30%EC PriceMethyl Tetrahydrofuran50%WDG Thidiazuron TDZTDI 80 20 CAS 584-84-9Oil Refinery CatalystsMethyl Acetate 79-20-962-53- 3 Aniline 99.9%Insecticide Ddvp 98%ECISOPHORONE Cas 78-59-1Butyl Acetate 123-86-4Succinic Acid 110-15-6Deltamethrine 50g/L EC80%WP Thiram FungicideDeltamethrine 25g/L ECRat Poison RodenticideDeltamethrine for SaleOxalic Acid Oxalic AcidBenzyl Acetate 140-11-4Gibberellic Acid 10%tabDicamba Herbicide PriceHerbicide Dicamba 98%TCBuy Fenpyroximate 20%ECDiquat Dibromide 20% SLEpoxiconazole 125g/L SCHighly Effective DiquatCAS 75-09-2 CAS 75-09-2EINECS NUMBER 200-543-5Zinc Chloride 7646-85-7Emamectin Benzoate 5%SGCas 97-90-5 Cas 97-90-5FORMIC ACID CAS 64-18-6Diethyl Phthalate 99.5%Adipic Acid Adipic AcidAgrochemical PesticidesCyproconazole 400g/l Sc99% Min CyclohexylaminePropylene Glycol PG MPGNiclosamide CAS 50-65-7CAS 79-20-9 CAS 79-20-9CYC Cyclohexanone 99.5%Fungicaide Thiram PriceImazalil CAS 35554-44-0TBAC 99.5% CAS 540-88-5Sodium Xylene SulfonateCommon Organic SolventsRodenticide Brodifacoum1-Ethyl-2-pyrrolidinoneChlorfluazuron 50g/L ECFungicide Mancozeb SaleGA3 10% 20% Gibberellin2-Methyl-1 3-PropanediolTetrahydrofuran THF 99.91-Methyl-2-pyrrolidinoneCopper Oxychloride 95%TCCopper Oxychloride 50%wpOxalic Acid CAS 144-62-7Herbicide Atrazine 50 WpAgrochemical FertilizersCAS NO. 55-38-9 FenthionHigh Effective HerbicideLambda Cyhalothrin PriceFungicide Mancozeb 80%WpAbamectin CAS 71751-42-2125 G/L SC EpoxiconazoleCAS 75-05-8 AcetonitrileSXS 93%MIN CAS 1300-72-7Glyphosate 480G L IPA SLFipronil Cas 120068-37-3Benzoic Acid CAS 65-85-0Herbicide Atrazine PriceFungicide Carboxin 20%WPImidacloprid InsecticidePrice Copper OxychlorideRodenticide BromadioloneFungicide Mancozeb 80 WpAgrochemical InsecticideFungicide Imazalil 97%TCTech Grade Ethyl AcetateEmamectin Benzoate 5% SGGrowth Promoter EthephonEmamectin Benzoate 5%EDGPropylene Glycol 57-55-6Fungicide CAS 76674-21-0Emamectin Benzoate PriceLambda-cyhalothrin 5% ECSodium HexametaphosphateMethylene Chloride 99.9%CAS 112-15-2 CAS 112-15-2Fungicide Mancozeb 80% WPHighly Effective MancozebEmamectin Benzoate 70% TCCheap Herbicide WeedicideCAS 124-17-4 CAS 124-17-4Fungicides Mancozeb 80 WpHighly Effective AtrazineCas 111-15-9 Cas 111-15-9Haloxyfop-R-Methyl 97% TCHerbicide Prometryn 95%TCHerbicide Atrazine 97% TC97% TC Haloxyfop-R-methylCopper Oxychloride 95% TCCopper Oxychloride 50% WPLufenuron CAS 103055-07-8Fungicide Carboxin ThiramAniline 99.9% CAS 62-53-3Butyl Acetate Teach GradeEmamectin Benzoate 100g/lBenzoyl Peroxide Catalyst1-Naphthalene Acetic AcidFatty Acid DiethanolamideCartap Hydrochloride 50spPGR 1-Naphthylacetic AcidBenzoic Acid Benzoic AcidFlutriafol Cas 76674-21-0Buprofezin CAS 69327-76-0Emamectin Benzoate 5% WDGFungicide Kresoxim MethylIsopropyl Alcohol 67-63-0Organic Synthetic SolventDdvp Insecticide for SaleEmamectine Benzoate 2% SCPesticide Pesticide 50%WPPhosphoric Acid 7664-38-2Fumaric Acid CAS 110-17-8Fungicide Metalaxyl PriceFenthion 5% 10% 50% 50 ECLambda-cyhalothrin 10% WPTetrahydrofuran THF 99.9%Glycolic Acid CAS 79-14-1Herbicide Clethodim PriceGA3 Plant Growth RegulatorClodinafop Propargyl PriceHerbicide Diquat DibromideFungicide Diniconazole 95%2 4 D Amine Salt HerbicideHighly Effective LufenuronFungicide Metalaxyl 97% TCMethylene Chloride SolventSuccinic Acid CAS 110-15-6Abamectin Insecticide SaleFactory Copper OxychlorideFe EDDHA 6% Organic PowderHigh Purity ChlorfluazuronFungicide Flutriafol 95 TcNAA Plant Growth RegulatorSodium Ferric EDDHA PowderCartap Hydrochloride 50%SPClodinafop Propargyl 95%TCIsopropyl Acetate 108-21-4Clodinafop Propargyl 15%WPEmamectin Benzoate 1.9% EC85-44-9 Phthalic AnhydrideCyclohexanone Cas 108-94-1Pesticide Buprofezin 98%TCUniconazole CAS 83657-22-1Hot Sale Acetamiprid PriceInsecticide Methomyl Price141-78-6 141-78-6 141-78-6109-99-9 109-99-9 109-99-9Insecticide Fipronil 97%TCMethomyl 90%SP InsecticideHaloxyfop Herbicide 98% TCInsecticide CAS 31895-22-4High Purity Atrazine 50 WpAcetochlor 33%SC HerbicideHerbicide Glyphosate Price95 Tc Fungicide FlutriafolEmamectin Benzoate 50% WDGLambda Cyhalothrin 2.5% ECFungicides Flutriafol 95%TcHigh Quality Atrazine 50 WpIsooctyl Acetate 31565-19-2Agrochemical Ethephon 48%SLSodium Lauryl Ether SulfateMeperfluthrin Mosquito CoilPrice of Emamectin BenzoateAcetamiprid Pesticide 20%SLEDTA 2NA99% Water TratementHerbicide Glyphosate 360g/LEmamectin Benzoate 50g L SgSale Cyromazine InsecticideDimethyl Carbonate 616-38-6Fungicide Triadimenol 97%TCDA-6 Plant Growth RegulatorFungicide Triadimenol 15%WPCopper Oxychloride for SaleFungicide Carboxin for SalePlant Growth Regulator DA-6Lambda Cyhalothrin 25g/L ECMethyl Ethyl Ketone SolventHot Sale Nicosulfuron 4% SCThiocyclam Hydrogen OxalateMethyl Acetat Methyl AcetatInsecticides Carbaryl 99%TCInsecticide Diazinon 25% ECHigh Efficiency InsecticideGlacial Acetic Acid 64-19-72-Hydroxyethyl Acrylate 97%Acaricide Imidacloprid 25%WPInsecticide Profenofos PriceHerbicides Glyphosate 41% SLFungicide Pesticide Mancozeb1-Methyl-2-pyrrolidinone NMPInsecticide Cyromazine 75%WPOrganic Insecticide CarbarylHerbicide Nicosulfuron 4% SC2-Pyrrolidinone Cas 616-45-5Copper Oxychloride FungicideFungicide Diniconazole PriceBis 2-propylheptyl PhthalateHaloxyfop-R-methyl 108g/l EcHaloxyfop-R-methyl 108g L ECBenzoyl Peroxide CAS 94-36-0N-Butyl Acetate CAS 123-86-4Imidacloprid CAS 138261-41-3Gibberellic Acid AgricultureDiazinon Organic InsecticideEthyl Acetate CAS No141-78-6Mono Ethylene Glyco 107-21-12-Methyl-1 3-Propanediol MPOThidiazuron Tdz Plant GrowthTebuconazole 12%FS FungicideCartap Hydrochloride 98%TechChlorfenapyr Pesticide 10%ECPiperonyl Butoxide 250g/L ECRoundup Glyphosate HerbicideSodium Hexametaphosphate 68%Insecticide Powder LufenuronDiethyl Aminoethyl HexanoateCarbaryl Organic InsecticideMethomyl CAS No.: 16752-77-5Insecticide Thiamethoxam 25%Insecticide Profenofos 90%TCSupply Pesticide MetaldehydeMeperfluthrin Factory SupplyFungicide Copper OxychlorideImidacloprid Insecticide 70%Epichlorohydrin CAS 106-89-8Tetrahydrofuran THF 109-99-9Insecticide Triazophos PriceInsecticide Buprofezin 98%TCDodecylbenzenesulphonic AcidCas No 25265-77-4 25265-77-4Atonik Sodium NitrophenolateLambda-cyhalothrin Low PriceSelective Systemic HerbicideAgrochemical Prometryn 50%WPInitiator of Synthetic ResinPlant Growth Regulator AtonikTetrahydrofuran THF 99.9% CASMolluscicide Metaldehyde 6%GRAgrochemicals Carboxin PowderTrichlorfon 80%WP InsecticideFungicide Mancozeb ProtectivePrometryn Herbicide SelectiveInsecticide Hexythiazox PriceChlorfluazuron CAS 71422-67-8Agrochemical Gibberellic AcidAcetylacetone CAS No 123-54-6Indoxacarb Chlorfenapyr PriceFungicide Epoxiconazole PriceAgrochemical Uniconazole 5%WPIsopropyl Alcohol CAS 67-63-0ROUNDUP Glyphosate HerbicidesChlorfluazuron 50g/L EC PriceMicroelement Fertilizer EDDHAHot Sale Insecticide FipronilHighly Effective DeltamethrinDirect Factory Atrazine PriceDiquat Dibromide Weed ControlInsecticide Dimethoate 98% TCBifenazate Chlorfenapyr 98%TCDeltamethrine 98%TC PesticideNicosulfuron CAS: 111991-09-4Insecticide Indoxacarb 15% SCHerbicide Nicosulfuron 75%WDGBenzyl Acetate Benzyl Acetate99.5% (PA) Phthalic AnhydrideHerbicides Nicosulfuron PriceButachlor 600g/l EC HerbicidePhosphoric Acid CAS 7664-38-2Carbendazim Organic FungicideInsecticide Acetamiprid PriceHighly Effective PaclobutrazolInsecticide Acaricide DiazinonMono Ethylene Glycol MEG 99.9%Pesticide Herbicide GlyphosateOrganic Fungicide DiniconazoleCartap Hydrochloride PesticideAgriculture Acetamiprid 20% SPAgricultural Pgr PaclobutrazolFungicide Pesticide FlutriafolIsopropyl Acetate Cas 108-21-4Insecticide Emamectin BenzoateHexythiazox Pesticide for SaleRed Powder Sodium Ferric EDDHAPhthalic Anhydride CAS 85-44-9Polyether Polyol CAS 9003-11-6Butachlor Selective HerbicidesInsecticide Thiamethoxam PriceBentazone Selective HerbicidesInsecticide Deltamethrine SaleMolluscicide Niclosamide CheapHot Sale Insecticide LufenuronChlorfenapyr Insecticida PriceAgrochemical Uniconazole 95%TCWeed Killer Haloxyfop-P-methylDimethoate Insecticide 60-51-5High Quality Dimethoate 98% TCSelective Herbicides ClethodimSupply Acaricide FenpyroximateGlyphosate Herbicide WeedicidePrice Cypermethrin InsecticidePesticide Chlorfluazuron 95%TCAgrochemical Indoxacarb 16% SCHerbicide Clodinafop PropargylGlacial Acetic Acid(GAA) 99.8%Clodinafop Propargyl 240g/L ECAniline Intermediates ChemicalPesticide Chlorfluazuron 50g/LLow Price Diquat 20% HerbicideMango Fertilizer PaclobutrazolPesticide Methomyl AcetamipridAgrochemical Herbicide DicambaInsecticide Dimethoate for SaleAbamectin Insecticide PesticideAgrochemical Chlorfenapyr 8% SCFungicide Flutriafol 76674-21-0Insecticide Deltamethrin PowderClodinafop Propargyl HerbicidesDeltamethrin Piperonyl ButoxideFlutriafol Cas 76674-21-0 PriceAgrochemical Product GlyphosateHot Sale Agrochemical FungicideDeltamethrine 98%TC InsecticideOrganic Insecticide AcetamipridCyhalofop-butyl CAS 122008-85-9Insecticide Indoxacarb for SalePesticide Thiacloprid 240g/l SCOriginal Drug Pgr PaclobutrazolPolytetramethylene Ether GlycolAgrochemical Pesticide MethomylInsecticide Deltamethrine PriceInsecticide Meperfluthrin 15%ECHerbicide Nicosulfuron 40g/L SCCAS No 103-23-1 Dioctyl AdipateCYCLOHEXYLAMINE CAS NO 108-91-8Pesticide Deltamethrine 2.5% EcEthylene Dimethacrylate 97-90-5Agrochemical Copper OxychlorideCymoxanil + Famoxadone 52.5%WDGPaclobutrazol Syngenta PromoterSodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate SLESAcetamiprid Insecticide for SaleAgricultural Fungicide MetalaxylInsecticide Dimethoate 400g/l ECMethidathion Organic InsecticideInsecticide Chlorfluazuron 50g/LHerbicide Pesticide NicosulfuronGood Quality Herbicides AtrazineHot Selling Deltamethrine 98% TCInsecticide Pesticide Indoxacarb2-Hydroxyethyl Acrylate 818-61-1Insecticide Acetamiprid 97% TechInsecticide Chlorfluazuron Price2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate HEMATech Grade Polyether Polyol 5631Agrochemical Product AcetamipridFactory Price Fungicide MancozebCartap Hydrochloride InsecticideInsecticide Chlorfluazuron 95%TCPGR Atonik Sodium NitrophenolateMethyl Tetrahydrofuran (2-METHF)Insecticide Meperfluthrin 95% TCThiocyclam Hydrogen Oxalate PriceGood Product Dimethoate 400g/l ECHighly Effective Herbicide DiquatAgrochemicals Fenpyroximate PricePesticide Insecticide Acetamiprid68% SHMP Sodium HexametaphosphateVinyl Acetate Monome CAS 108-05-4Insecticide Dimethoate PesticidesInsecticide Thiacloprid 240g/l SCThiocyclam Hydrogen Oxalate 50%SPImidacloprid Pesticides 1702-17-6Agrochemical Pesticide IndoxacarbOrganic Insecticide HydrochlorideInsecticide Chlorfluazuron 48% SCProfenofos 10%+trichlorfon 30% ECNiclosamide Molluscicide for SaleAcetamiprid Agriculture PesticideTrichlorfon Insecticide PesticideAgrochemical Fungicide FlutriafolCAS 108-10-1 4-Methyl-2-pentanoneThiocyclam Hydrogen Oxalate 95%TCOrganic Solvents Organic SolventsIsooctyl Acetate Isooctyl AcetateDiethyl Aminoethyl Hexanoate 5%SPDiethyl Aminoethyl Hexanoate 98%TCInsecticide Indoxacarb 144171-61-9Agricultural Fungicide Triadimenol98%TC Diethyl Aminoethyl HexanoateCypermethrin Pesticide Insecticdes99% 2-2-Ethoxyethoxy Ethyl AcetatePyriproxyfen Insecticide PesticidePlant Growth Regulator UniconazoleMethylene Chloride DichloromethaneStrawberries Pesticides TriazophosPesticides Insecticides Dimethoate144171-61-9 Insecticide IndoxacarbDdvp Dichlorvos Liquid InsecticideInstcticides Dimethoate PesticidesHighly Effective Dimethoate 98% TCAgrochemicals Pesticides LufenuronInsecticide Best Control IndoxacarbFungicide Flutriafol Cas 76674-21-0Isopropyl Alcohol Isopropyl AlcoholTolylene-2.4-diisocyanate TDI 80 20Plastic Catalysts Plastic CatalystsTertiary Butyl Acetate CAS 540-88-5Intermediate Acaricide ImidaclopridInsecticide Pesticide Indoxacarb ScGood Quality Agrochemical FungicidePhthalic Anhydride for MultipurposePesticides Acaricide DiphenylsulfonAgrochemical Pesticide NicosulfuronFe EDDHA 6% Microelement FertilizerNew Agrochemical Haloxyfop-R-methylMethacrylic Acid MAA 99% Cas 79-41-4Plant Growth Regulator PaclobutrazolAcetamiprid Wp Insecticide PesticideHerbicide Diquat 20%SL for PesticideAgrochemical Fungicide EpoxiconazoleCAS 818-61-1 2-Hydroxyethyl AcrylateAgrochemical Indoxacarb ChlorfenapyrInsecticide Acaricide DiphenylsulfonAgriculture Products Gibberellic AcidEthyl 3-ethoxypropionate CAS 763-69-9Cultar Good Price 95%tc PaclobutrazolScouring Detergent Scouring DetergentThiourea Industrial Grade High PurityPHTHALIC ANHYDRIDE PHTHALIC ANHYDRIDE26062-94-2 Polybutylene TerephthalateInsecticide Emamectin Benzoate 5% WDGMethylene Chloride Methylene Chloride1-Methyl-2-pyrrolidinone CAS 872-50-4Bis2-propylheptyl Phthalate 53306-54-0Azoxystrobin Cyproconazole 131860-33-8Agrochemical Herbicide Cyhalofop-butylThiocyclam Hydrogen Oxalate 500g/kg SPBest Insecticide Dimethoate PesticidesInsect Growth Regulator ChlorfluazuronMono Ethyleneglycol Mono EthyleneglycolAgrochemical Herbicide Diquat DibromideEthylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether AcetateDodecylbenzenesulphonic Acid 27176-87-01-Methoxy-2-propyl Acetate CAS 108-65-6Sodium Hexametaphosphate 68% Food GradeAzoxystrobin Cyproconazole TebuconazoleORGANIC CYCLOHEXYLAMINE CYCLOHEXYLAMINEHigh Quality Herbicide Diquat DibromideAgricultural Insecticide ChlorfluazuronOrganophosphate Insecticide CAS 52-68-6Highly Effective Herbicide NicosulfuronInsecticide Pesticide Emamectin BenzoatePharmaceutical Grade Pesticide LufenuronDiethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether AcetateAcetylacetone Acetylacetone AcetylacetoneEthylenediaminetetraacetic Acid EDTA Acid2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate HEMA 868-77-9Polybutylene Terephthalate Cas 26062-94-2Insecticide Lufenuron Emamectine BenzoateAgricultural Herbicide Haloxyfop-R-methylAgrochemical Insecticide Indoxacarb 95% TC1-Methoxy-2-propyl Acetate CAS NO 108-65-6Mosquito Knock Down Chemicals MeperfluthrinEthylenediaminetetraacetic Acid TetrasodiumEDDHA Fe 6% Organic Microelement FertilizerDodecylbenzenesulphonic Acid CAS 27176-87-0Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid CAS 60-00-4Agrochemical Insecticide Deltamethrine PriceTECH GRADE 68% SHMP Sodium HexametaphosphateEthylenediaminetetraacetic Acid Disodium SaltAgrochemical Insecticide Pesticide Indoxacarb2 2 4-Trimethyl-13-pentanediol MonoisobutyrateEthylene Dimethacrylate Ethylene DimethacrylateCyclohexylamine Cyclohexylamine CyclohexylamineEthylenediaminetetraacetic Acid Tetrasodium SaltEthyl 3-ethoxypropionate Ethyl 3-ethoxypropionateAgrochemical Pesticide Insecticidde ChlorfluazuronPharmaceutical Intermediates Pharmaceutical Intermediates
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